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Since its emergence long ago in 1985 when MS-DOS still stalked the primaeval swamps, Ansible Information has come up with an awful lot of small software items – for our own use, for one-off customer needs, for computer brands now consigned to the dustbin of history, and just for fun. Selections from our former software range can be downloaded here. Terms and conditions? This stuff is free, not for resale, and may not be placed on other web or FTP sites, or compilation disks, CDs or DVDs, without our explicit permission. If passed on, the software must not be modified. Please don't ask for technical support. (but see Technical Issues). Should you find any of these items useful or fun, feel free to make an optional donation.

To download, select the appropriate link and tell your browser to save rather than display the file. ZIP files should be expanded with PKUNZIP or WinZip on older Windows/DOS systems; Windows XP and later versions will handle them automatically. A general recommendation is to unzip Windows programs into a folder other than the usual Program Files location (for example, C:\Ansible) to avoid difficulties with over-fussy security in Windows Vista, Windows 7 and later versions.

PCs and Compatibles running Windows

PCs and Compatibles running DOS

Amstrad PCW

Apricot PC, Xi, Xen, F series ...