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Technical Issues

One excellent reason for not keeping Ansible Information going as a commercial proposition is the increasingly paranoid attitude of Microsoft operating systems from Windows 7 onward. Microsoft would like all software to be registered at head office and provided with digital certificates of authenticity which cost money and are not easily installed – perhaps cannot be installed at all – in applications produced by our ancient development tools.

In Windows 7 and later, for example, you may need to run our software with Administrator status and tell Windows not to keep showing the panic-alert popup about the lack of a digital certificate. After that, all should be tranquil ... except that Windows is similiarly paranoid about the accompanying Help file. Consulting the Help menu or using the usual F1 keyboard short cut from within an Ansible Information program may well pop up a blank Help window. The solution is to access the Help file directly in Administrator mode. This always has the same name as the program file (and lives in the same folder) but with the different extension .chm. For example, the A.I.Q. for Windows program file is Aiqwin.exe and the accompanying Help file is Aiqwin.chm. In Administrator mode, go to the folder where you put the A.I.Q. files and double-click on Aiqwin.chm: as with the program, you can then tell Windows to stop complaining about it. The Help documentation should then be accessible from within the program.

All Windows programs from Ansible Information are plain vanilla 32-bit applications and should in theory run on Apple Mac and Linux systems with the appropriate Windows emulator software. We haven't actually tried....