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LocoScript Conversion

Please note: This software is no longer being sold, developed or supported. Since occasional enquiries continue, we have made the complete Ailink package available for free download. This includes full Help information as Ailink.chm. Just unzip the contents to a hard disk folder (C:\AIQ rather than C:\Program Files is recommended, owing problems with over-fussy security in Windows Vista, Windows 7, etc.) and run AIQWIN.exe. Best to ignore the Setup.exe program written long ago for installation from floppy disk. Feel free to make an optional donation if you find Ailink useful.

We now return you to our traditional sales pitch....

Do you have important documents stranded on Amstrad PCW 3½" disks and PCW Locoscript format? The IBM PC won't read the disks, and no modern Windows word processor will read Locoscript files.

Ailink is the simple solution for anyone whose PCW has or had a 3½" drive, or who can arrange transfer of documents to this disk size, perhaps with the help of a friend whose PCW has both types of drive. The package includes the full version of Ansible's CP/M Copier disk reader for reading CP/M disks (the format used by PCWs), which can be run from within Ailink or as a separate program, and will efficiently copy your documents to the PC hard disk. Once they're there ...

The main Ailink programme is a powerful but easy-to-use Windows 95/98/ME application (see below for Windows XP warnings) which makes it as simple as possible to convert the old documents. Just click the Convert toolbar button, select your documents from a standard Windows "Open File" dialogue box, and Ailink converts them at high speed. Any PCW version of Locoscript (1, 2, 3 or 4) can be handled. The output files are normally in MS Rich Text Format, readable by Word, WordPerfect and most other modern word processors. All your underline, italic, boldface, superscript and subscript type-styles are preserved, and all but the most exotic accented characters.

It's as simple as that, but Ailink has additional options for those who need them:

Some Limitations – Please Read This!

Windows XP and Vista

Windows ME

Exotic Characters

The Amstrad PcW16 and Pcw16.exe

Locoscript Professional