AnsibleIndex Pro

In 2009 we cut the price of AnsibleIndex Pro drastically to reflect the cost saving of supplying the manual in PDF format on the CD or via email attachment. This product has since been wthdrawn. Sorry.

An accurate index adds professional quality to written work, whether it's an academic thesis, research papers, an article ... or even a full-length book. AnsibleIndex Pro for the IBM PC is a reliable indexing program, simultaneously simple to use and very powerful, and it works with ordinary LocoScript Pro documents -- version 1 or version 2, though not the cut-down "PC Easy". It indexes by extraction. You start with your document in LocoScript, using normal LocoScript commands to identify the words and phrases you wish to index. (No special procedures to learn! LocoScript "reverse video" marks are normally used, but you can set the program to use a variety of others.) AnsibleIndex Pro does the rest: it sorts your subjects into alphabetical order and lists the page numbers on which they appear. If you want to make changes later, you can. The program will index all documents, long or short, even a series of them kept on different disks. The index of a full-length book is well within its scope.

In fact, we are repeating ourselves: the basic facilities of AnsibleIndex Pro are the same -- though with higher power and capacity throughout -- as in its PCW ancestors, AnsibleIndex Plus, AnsibleCheck, Grease and the supplementary AnsibleMerge. A single PC program file does all that was done by these four programs ... and there is more! Click on the links above for the established features. Now here are some new ones: